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Hi! I'm Scarlett Kiteway, I'm 21 years old, a journalism student in Perplex City and this is my blog all about the excitement over the search for the Cube. I'll be keeping track of what the media over there is saying about it, and maybe a little bit about my life as well!

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Friday, April 1, 2005

Hello World!

Category: print, 10:04 AM

Hi everyone! So, there are some bits of info about me and this site available over to the side but first of all, Well Done for finding me! I just knew those boring people at the Sentinel would delete my URL, but I thought it was about time you guys knew where I was. I was sure you'd all be up to a little challenge.... Plus, they really are extraordinarily trite at the Sentinel. Tee hee.

Anyway, what I'm mostly going to do here is talk about the media from your world. The feeds are kind of slow coming through (all your internet and stuff comes to us through the Academy) but we're getting there... (yawn yawn, this guy Von at the Academy seems to get everything more quickly than I do - he's always boasting about it). And, yeah, my dad keeps saying how you'll be interested to hear about my life, so a bit of that too! And, OK, before you ask, no I didn't steal the Cube. And no, I don't know who did! Wish I did... that'd get me a job on the Sentinel for sure! ;-)

Time to get going on these press links.... There's so much to catch up on already. So over the next few days I'm going to be finding all those links I know I've put here somewhere and putting them up for you all to see what's been going on!

And for my first trick (drumroll....)
Crazyexciting! An article in the Times! And it talks a lot about Adrian from MC - I've emailed him myself (waves) - hi Adrian! And it's so amazing to hear how interested you guys are in us... after we've spent so long hearing about you!