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Friday, October 6, 2006
Back on the road again
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Time: 09:20 AM

One week on and my arm seems to be healing nicely. The cast should come off over the weekend and hey, at least now Kurt and I both have exciting broken-limb stories to share.

Arriving back in the city with a visible injury wasn't as difficult as I'd expected. I'd already primed my father with the old "exploring archaeologically-significant island, fell down cliff, look aren't I lucky to have got off this lightly" excuse. He didn't ask any more questions.

It's weird though. I have this feeling, given past events, that he might just know everything and not want to tell us that he does. I just don't know. Maybe he has access to all my medical records and knows that I had to get a complete change of blood due to my dose of radiation. Maybe he knows where the radiation came from. And maybe he's just my dad, who loves me and who doesn't want to seem uncool by fretting too much about a broken arm.

Scarlett, Kurt and I (and, yes, Caine too. On occasion. When he happens to have time. And I happen to want to see him. Which may or may not have been "quite a bit".) have spent the week poring over the information we extracted from Lancewood. We've come to a few conclusions. Some pretty nasty experiments were done there, and extensively recorded. They were experiments connected to the construction of the Cube. It seems clear that, when the experiments at Lancewood were finished, the Cube had been made.

Another set of things is clear from our encounter with Major Jake Maine. He was wearing modern clothing, with a set of modern dog tags. None of the names he mentioned: Thorpe, Jackson, Choi or Stephens matched up with names in the Lancewood experimental records. While I don't want to rule anything out at this stage, it doesn't seem likely to me that he was a 300-year-old ghost who happened to clothe himself in military clothing made of advanced modern polymers. We think that whatever happened to him happened recently.

This still leaves a great misty cloud of things that are completely uncertain. Who or what managed to do whatever had been done to Major Maine? Why did they do it? What is Special Project 487 or "the 487th"? What does all this have to do with the Cube? Or the Third Power? Could Maine have been part of a group who stole the Cube?

All of which leaves us with only one road forward. Or rather, backward. It seems that everything starts and finishes at Viendenbourg. So Scarlett and I are going back. We'll travel over the weekend and aim to arrive there at the start of next week. We think, at last, we might finally find some answers.

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