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Tuesday, May 23, 2006
Yes, yes, alright
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Time: 12:40 PM

So, excuse me for having made sure that my severely traumatised friend was back at home, had been given the once-over by a doctor, had a fridge full of goodies from the Alchemy Bay Provisions Company and me installed on his sofa before sorting through the belongings of his dead ex-girlfriend who, oh yes, he happened to have killed. Somehow I just didn't think he'd take kindly to seeing me rifle through her bits and pieces instead of driving him away from the potentially homicidal agents who are probably looking for us right now. And, yes, if I sound a little stressed myself, I expect it's just the emotional and physical exhaustion talking.

Right. Deep breath. As far as I can tell there's no one trying to kill either me or Kurt right now, and he's asleep in the next room so I have taken the opportunity to go through Miranda's bag. Which, as I anticipated, does not contain a map with a big cross on it and the words "Cube buried here". It's mostly clothes. There's some lightweight, high-tech camping gear and intelligent fabric garments that will have been useful to her on her travels. Forgive me if I don't immediately go and show all this to Kurt. There are a number of bits of paper identification: they're not so much use in the city, but out in the sticks people will still accept paper ID. They come in half a dozen different names: Caroline and Sarah, Emma, Persephone, Gail and Amelia. There's a key as well - I very gently asked Kurt to scan it but he says it's completely empty. It's probably one she picked up at the drop-point in the mines and was intending to use later.

And, finally, there's an extremely familiar-looking piece of weathered paper. Familiar looking because I could have sworn I'd worked on exactly this document, except that I know that the document I worked on is safely lodged in the Academy museum. It's a page from the Granier diary - the last page, in fact - and the writing is almost identical to the page I've already deciphered, apart from about two sentences which look quite different. And yes, before you ask, I've already given Anna a call. We're going to work on translating it together later on today. And yes, this will entail some further explanations on my part. And yes, my father has been calling. And yes, I'm going to have to talk to him sometime soon too.

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