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Friday, May 20, 2005
My life of crime. Or... my life near crime
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Time: 08:09 PM

I see from the Sentinel there are yet more startling revelations about the Five of Cups bar. It now seems to have been some sort of den of iniquity, a veritable hothouse of crime. This is, well, a little weird to me because I've actually been there. Only the once, about 18 months ago - the place had a really odd vibe about it, whispered conversations in dark corners and strange looks at newcomers. I only went because my friend Arman said I could get a good game of poker there. Instead, I got a bunch of jittery men with five o'clock shadows staring at me... I don't think I even stayed to finish my drink. I've thought about it since, because I don't usually run out of poker bars without having had a game. Seems I was wiser than I thought.

Anyway, when the Sentinel says that the bar was "notorious as a meeting place for crooks and low-lifes" and that woman they interviewed says it's "not the sort of place decent folks would want to visit", I just wanted to put my hand up and say "um, I would". Then again, maybe I'm not decent folks. :-)

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