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Saddle Up

18 Jan 07

Vi is furious that somebody has turned over her dad's (and therefore her old) home. Fortunately, Scarlett was safely out of the way at Caine's place. It's all another annoying distraction from the important business of looking for the Cube.

See, this is what happens when I take a night 'off'. The moment I turn my back... well, OK, nothing really bad seems to have happened except that out of the three most important men in my life, one's still in jail, and the other two seem to be angry with me for no particularly obvious reason. Oh yeah, and some journalist turns over my dad's house. Of which the most critical outcome will probably be a recurrence of Scarlett's agoraphobia. What's the betting she decides that she's never going to leave Caine's apartment ever again, under any circumstances?

So, today I repair some bridges. I am, in fact, refreshed and rejuvenated after a night spent doing not very much. Today I take my maybe-boyfriend Soupery lunch at his desk to thank him for looking after my exhausting sister. Today I wait for my best friend to take his Saptivan and then cheer him up with tales of how incredibly badly the increasingly-inaccurately-named Cube Retrieval Team is doing in his absence. Today I make yet another attempt to communicate with my incarcerated father. And today, well, I have a little plan about how Scarlett might make herself useful - and we all know how being useful makes you feel better about yourself, right? I'll talk it through with Caine - they're developing some kind of sympatico, so he'll probably have an idea about whether it'll tip her over the edge or not.

And, oh yeah, I guess someone should be looking for the Cube at some point. I'll get right on that just as soon as I sort out everyone else's lives.

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