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Kiteway Implicated in PCAG Drug Fraud Investigation

5 Jan 07

More trouble for Sente, as allegations emerge that he helped Ryan Cahill cheat his way to the PCAG title back in 267.

New evidence came to light when the Council's Oversight Committee were given access to Sente's private files. Still, it's only evidence - not proof.


Sources in the PCAG say that Academy Master Sente Kiteway may soon be facing charges of fraud for allegedly aiding PCAG champion Ryan Cahill in avoiding drug testing shortly before his 267 win, and possibly again last year.

The source says that information turned over by Kiteway from his personal key data to the Academy Oversight Committee late last week includes tracking information and correspondence. This previously-unavailable data 'heavily suggests' Kiteway was feeding Cahill information on when and how drug testing would take place. "Of course the committee saw what had dropped into its lap and turned this information over to be investigated by the proper authorities," said the source.

Kiteway has always had a close relationship with Cahill. Kiteway awarded the PCAG star with the Beaumont Scholarship for Excellence, and personally oversaw Cahill's academic career, even going to the unusual length of listing himself as Cahill's academic advisor. Shortly after Cahill's win of the 267 championship, Kiteway remarked, "I couldn't be prouder of Ryan if he were my own son."

Kiteway was unavailable for comment, though his assistant, Patrick Azadian, said that he is confident a vehement denial will soon be issued.

Paula Ching, the PCAG's Director of Substance Compliance, said that she could neither confirm nor deny the allegations. "You'll know if you're right when you see somebody thrown in prison, and not a moment before," she said. "Justice isn't done by rumour and fourth-hand gossip."

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