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Joya Announces New Album in Spring

29 Jan 07

Pop star Joya finishes work on her new album, despite having a small child in tow. What a trooper.


Pop diva Joya has announced that she has completed studio work for her next album, Deeper. Early reviewers say the album features the "more mature and passionate" sound promised in the early days of recording. "This is going to be Joya's career-defining album," said Hesh Records' own Helix Hesh. "We're proud to have her back in our talent stable, and we just know Deeper is going to be a big win for all of us."

Joya said that she is "supremely proud" of the work she has done on this album. "This is the music of a strong, independent woman," she said. "It has a little regret, a little sorrow, but mostly it's about being a woman and a mother, and being strong enough to live your own life." The album also includes a love song to her fans, entitled There for Me. "My fans give me so much love, so much," said Joya, "and I thought I should let them all know how important they are to me."

Other songs on the album will include the moody, lyrical Disappearing Act, and a lullaby for her daughter, Allegra Melody. The title track, Deeper, is a driving, emotional anthem about finding hidden inner resources.

The album's release date has been set for April 23, according to Hesh Records. Joya will be taking a break from performing until then, but once the album is launched she is planning a tour.

Joya fans are thrilled that the album is being released so quickly. Although Joya announced in June she was returning to the studio, many feared that the work would take over a year to complete as she focused on her new baby, who turned one year old in late December.

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