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I want to break free

24 Jan 07

Caine, over-worked and burning the candle at both ends, is starting to worry about Scarlett too. His laid-back veneer is beginning to crack... but at least the gig went well.

With the old man in prison, Von doing his homework, Kurt gone AWOL, Anna sadly departed, Aiko sculpting some monolithic monstrosity and Tippy filing her nails, there's only me and Garnet left to do the work around here. And Garnet's delegating.

He's had me checking through all those printing irregularities, working with MC on how to 'accelerate the retrieval process', coming up with new puzzles and auditing all the previous answers from you Cube Hunters on Earth, trying to see if there's any kind of pattern or if the Third Power might have infiltrated you all. Knowing how you've had problems with moles before, I suppose I can understand why - but there are around 52,000 of you registered online, and who knows how many hundreds of thousands watching from the sidelines... he'll have me sifting Alchemy Beach for sugar next.

Then there was the gig, which was hectic but good. For the first time in months, I've come off stage with the lads and we've all had a real buzz going. There was even a group hug at one point. Mo said it was the best set we've ever played, and we stayed out until a reprehensible hour on a school night. I paid for it in the morning.

Incidentally, to those of you that asked: no, there are no images of my coded tattoos. I prefer to retain them for private viewings at my discretion.

Scarlett's still away on her info hunt, and yeah, I am getting worried. With plenty to keep me busy, I've not been as frantic as Krazy Kurt and and his Anxious Assistant, but it's true, she should have been in touch by now. She might be on her way up to Anjsbourg for all we know. In fact, that would be all right. She's done that before. Anjsbourg, Schmanjsbourg. But she must be in pretty deep if she can't even key us a line. It looks like everybody's done a disappearing act except me, and I could really, really do with a break.

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