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Podcast 9 - Unearthed

3 Nov 06

The past couple of months have been very eventful - death, destruction, double-crossing - and some major changes have occurred. Thanks to Scarlett and Violet's investigations, the secret experiments of the Academy and Council have been revealed, seriously damaging the careers of the Council Leader and of the girls' father, Sente Kiteway. Now, communications between our two worlds are being strangled... so how can we work together to find the Cube?

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Welcome back to Perplex City.

Since last we spoke, much has changed. Anna Heath's body was discovered in the catacombs, mutilated after hours of torture. The Third Power attempted to cut the data link between Perplex City and Earth - only to be foiled by the heroics of the Cube Hunters. Even so, it seems that the villains have got what they wanted... but to explain how, we must go back to the night of Anna's murder.

Anna was tracking some stolen equipment from the Academy - components that seemed to be part of an elaborate device being constructed by the Third Power. It was only days later, in San Francisco, that the nature of the device became clear: it was a portal, which allowed a small group of Third Power agents to travel to Earth.

The portal was destroyed, and the Third Power's attempt to sabotage the data link was thwarted. But the repercussions were felt across Perplex City. The Academy was lambasted for their poor security. The Council came under pressure for funding the Academy's fruitless search for the Cube. And our conclave of investigators were divided over what they should do next.

Kurt looked into the mysterious 'Special Project 487' run by the Academy. Scarlett found a set of ancient papers written by Anthony Granier. Caine had a crisis of conscience, worrying that their efforts were just going to cause more harm. But Violet pressed on, taking Scarlett's discoveries and setting off with her in search of Granier's long-lost Lancewood research facility.

Having found Lancewood, Scarlett and Violet discovered documents outlining the initial experiments to build the Cube during the War hundreds of years ago. They also discovered its true power - the ability to transport matter between places instantaneously. Many lives had been sacrificed during the trials, teleportation being a hit and miss affair.

Yet nearly three centuries later, Death was again to be a visitor at Lancewood. A young soldier, scared and disoriented, appeared at the facility. He attacked the girls and, terrified, Scarlett shot him. Before he died, he talked about the teleportation experiments he had undergone... not here, not hundreds of years ago, but just days before - at Viendenbourg.

Scarlett visited the Viendenbourg military base last summer. She'd found it to be secretive and heavily fortified - so this time, she was going armed. The two sisters kitted themselves out with high-tech scanners and weapons before setting off on their journey, but when they arrived at Viendenbourg, they were rather surprised: the military base had become a 'heritage centre'.

After taking the official tour - and hearing a sanitized version of wartime history - the sisters hacked into the base's computers and found some corrupted files describing the recent experiments. The Viendenbourg scientists were trying to construct a second Cube. The Council Leader, Camryn Scott, was financing them. There had been more deaths. And they were all sanctioned by Sente Kiteway - the girls' own father.

Scarlett faced a painful dilemma. Should she go public with their findings, perhaps ruining her father in the process? Or should she bite her tongue and keep these tests a secret?

She went to the press. The Sentinel triggered a political storm and, capitalizing on the scandal, politician Nathan Earlywine launched a leadership challenge within the Council. Very quickly, Camryn Scott found herself out of office and the Council had a new Leader - one who blamed Earth for all of Perplex City's troubles.

Earlywine's first action was to lock down the data link with Earth, screening it for any 'dangerous or subversive' material. That put paid to the blogging activities of our friends in Perplex City... Will we ever hear from them again?

Perhaps we already have. In recent weeks, an anonymous source known only as 'Combed Thunderclap' has been posting cryptic messages on their 'Library of Babel' site. These messages have continued despite the lockdown. Combed Thunderclap claims to be the person who stole the Cube, and is now feeding clues to the Cube Hunters to help them unearth it before the Third Power's team of agents can get to it.

It seems that the Third Power have been sharing information with each other on Earth using a text adventure called Receda's Revenge. Veteran Cube Hunters have encountered this game before - but nothing could have prepared them for Receda's Revenge 2: The Revenge.

A series of devilish puzzles barred their way, but after hours of gameplay, the Cube Hunters reached the end of the adventure and were given a valuable clue. According to the Third Power's scanning device, the Cube is buried in 'an arboreal area'.

But where on Earth are those woods?

There's only one way to find out. Play on.

Now visit to discover more.

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