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Earlywine Wins Leader Post, Scott Retains Seat on Council

19 Oct 06

Anti-Earth politician Nathan Earlywine takes control of the Council. Big changes are sure to follow.


Nathan Earlywine won the Council Leader post in yesterday's election by a 3% margin, replacing Camryn Scott after she failed a vote of confidence under the Yancy Clause on Monday. Scott won her district, however, and has retained a seat on the City Council, despite the brewing scandal over Academy experimentation into dangerous wartime technologies. Voter turnout reached a record high, with fully 92% of eligible voters casting a ballot.

Earlywine said in his victory speech that the current situation in government will require "drastic action to remedy," though he did not specify what immediate actions he plans to take. He said that a thorough cleaning-house in various city agencies and offices is necessary, and that he plans to improve the budget dramatically by reducing the amount of waste and duplication of effort both in the city and in townships in the greater Perplex City region.

His most scathing remarks, though, were on the topic of Earth and Perplexians' fascination with it. "The people of Earth have clearly tried to influence our political process, and it is past time to liberate the hearts and minds of our youth," he said. "Of course retrieving the Receda Cube is of primary importance to all of us, but we must make sure that in pursuing this goal, we do not make ill-advised bargains or sully ourselves with shameful associations."

Scott's concession address was a surprisingly fiery affair in which she vowed to defend her actions as Council Leader and preserve "the crucial work I have spent these last years doing." She thanked the voters in her district for having the confidence to keep her on the council, saying that the result "renewed her faith in the political process."

Still, Scott may have a tough term ahead of her as it is certain that Earlywine will launch an investigation into the so-called "Special Project 487" that she allegedly gave authorisation for, and which has resulted in the deaths of at least five people. Scott may yet need to give up her council seat if the investigation results in criminal charges.

In other election news, perennial candidate Shannon Powell took a mere 2% off the vote, as expected. In a more surprising development, former Council member Aben Henniker lost his seat to challenger Gisele Karmin, who is new to the political scene following a successful career as an environmental preservation consultant for big businesses such as Hibbert Industries.

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