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April 2006 Archives

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All of the entries made in April 2006 are below. Please note that as with other pages, these archives are ordered with the most recent entries at the top and the earliest entries at the bottom.


Making Excuses

28 Apr 06

Anna apologises for being a bit slack. She posts news of Oistin's third and final test - go and enjoy the role-playing!

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Anna Heath Cognivia Episode 9: The Librarian Violet Kiteway


PCBC CEO to Resign Amid Board Strife

27 Apr 06

As suspected, the new CEO is found to be a puppet of former incumbent Jonathan Smart. It was doomedfrom the start...

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The Perplex City Banking Corporation The Sentinel



26 Apr 06

Kurt sorts through his mail and finds one or two intesresting things. For instance, he urges everyone to check out part two of Oistin Meade's psychology survey - this time, it's a conceptual art challenge.

(Kurt doesn't have any idea about what Von submitted in the personality test, by the way.)

There's a brief nod of respect towards the Thirteenth Labour guys, then a huge swerve away from personal relationship issues. Kurt, Kurt, Kurt... if anybody needs a psychology test, it's you...

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Anna Heath Cube Retrieval Team Episode 9: The Librarian Kurt McAllister Sente Kiteway Violet Kiteway


New Sentinel Publisher Takes Reins from Clark

25 Apr 06

Staff get shuffled on the paper. Douglass Arroyo is the new man - and boy, does he look classy.

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The Sentinel


Oistin's Research

24 Apr 06

Anna's colleague, Oistin Meade, has released his psychological study - more like a personality test, really - and is asking people to participate.

Take a couple of minutes and visit his little questionnaire here to do your bit, and maybe Oistin will hand over that Ceretin 6 research paper at last.

(Be warned - Oistin is definitely on the eccentric side of genius.)

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Anna Heath Cognivia Episode 9: The Librarian Important Entries


Podcast 1 - In the beginning...

20 Apr 06

Listen to a story of murder, loss, betrayal and revelations - this is a summary of how it all began, from the moment the Cube was stolen until the present day (the present day being sometime in April 2006). Pay attention and you'll be up to speed in just five minutes.

Click here to listen

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Perplex City Podcasts


Mazyford Invaded By Honeybees

20 Apr 06

A trainload of bees escape and terrorise the sleepy town of Mazyford. An enquiry will follow.

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The Sentinel


Unexpected Fortune

19 Apr 06

In order to get hold of the forthcoming report on Ceretin 6, Anna does a deal with a Natural Sciences researcher named Oistin Meade. She offers to help him contact the Cube Hunters on Earth and conduct a study of some kind. No news on how that will work yet...

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The Perplex City Academy Anna Heath Cognivia Episode 9: The Librarian


Polygon Marathon Expected to Break Attendance Records

18 Apr 06

The city's biggest marathon is coming up - as well as the parallel 'puzzle marathon', which sounds as testing for the mind as for the body. The police, of course, are gearing up for what will be another major crowd-control exercise.

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The Perplex City Academy Games Perplex City Police Department The Sentinel


Cognivia, and a crowd

13 Apr 06

Kurt suspects that trouble is brewing at Cognivia - possibly in connection with Cymbalisty's death - and Miranda goes away for a couple of weeks, leaving Kurt all on his ownsome.

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Anna Heath Cognivia Cube Retrieval Team Episode 9: The Librarian Kurt McAllister Violet Kiteway


Rhygsveldt Nibbles at Levenay Empire with Local Flavours

10 Apr 06

It's all go in haute couture as new boutiques start taking business from the larger fashion houses.

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The Sentinel


Cognivia Shareholder Report

10 Apr 06

Here's the text of the Cognivia report - more of an update than a full-on annual report, fortunately, though it does include one or two hints that all is not well in the land of cognitive enhancement.

There's also a tantalising last line regarding the latest generation of Ceretin: "Proof copies of the forthcoming C6 research paper will be available to CE professionals in April 269."

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Anna Heath Cognivia Episode 9: The Librarian The Perplex City Academy Games


Tippy's revenge

10 Apr 06

Cube Hunter 'badbarry' emails Tippy, suggesting that she should give us Helix Hesh's password to his private files. Tippy, in the spirit of gleeful vengeance, duly obliges (albeit in a slightly elliptical way).

A quick bit of guesswork reveals the password to be appassionato. And that gives us access to Hesh's copy of the recent Cognivia shareholder report. To take a peek at some of Helix Hesh's other files you'll need to log in to the Hesh Intranet file system with the password s3cur1tyh0l3.

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Cognivia Cube Retrieval Team Episode 9: The Librarian Hesh Records The Perplex City Academy Games


Paternal affection

8 Apr 06

Sente finds out about Caine and Violet's 'friendship' and steps in to make sure it doesn't go any further. Caine is cowed. Violet is furious. And Scarlett is on her way soon.

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Cube Retrieval Team Episode 9: The Librarian Kurt McAllister Scarlett Kiteway Sente Kiteway Violet Kiteway



8 Apr 06

Anna's been talking to Kurt, and she reckons we need to get hold of the recently released Cognivia shareholder report. She hasn't been able to grab one herself - shareholders only - but she does overhear Tippy mention that Helix Hesh is an investor.

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Anna Heath Cognivia Cube Retrieval Team Episode 9: The Librarian Hesh Records


Nuru Petitions PCAG for Requalification

6 Apr 06

Banned drug cheat Jackson Nuru begs for forgiveness (and reinstatement) after his disqualification from last year's games. Is he really a reformed character?

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Cognivia The Perplex City Academy Games The Sentinel


New flavours for 2006

5 Apr 06

Whipsmart reveal their new range. It's as edifying as it is edible...

Whipsmart Icecream


Mother of Four Gains 'Whole New Life' in Drug Trials

3 Apr 06

A medical breakthrough is helping one woman cope with the pain of Barrow-Feld Syndrome - a terrible disease that corrupts the moral and logical components of the brain. A full cure seems some way off, however.

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Cognivia Episode 9: The Librarian The Sentinel


Cognivia Drops on Report

3 Apr 06

Sentinel news in brief: Shares in Cognivia dropped 7% today on the release of the company's shareholder report. Analysts say that the pharamceutical giant has failed to show any true innovation lately, instead relying on incremental improvements to its existing products or new, niche drugs with very limited potential markets.

Cognivia Episode 9: The Librarian The Sentinel


Cause of death

3 Apr 06

Kurt gives his own analysis of the police records regarding Cymbalisty's death. He's particularly suspicious of the 'possible black market Ceretin' found in Cymbalisty's blood. Surely the police would be able to recognise most black market versions?

Having said that, Kurt's still not convinced that this is proof of foul play. Nor does he know how he and Anna can proceed in their investigation.

At least this hiatus gives him more time to go running and hang out with Miranda. (The lad deserves a break.)

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Anna Heath Cognivia Episode 9: The Librarian Important Entries Kurt McAllister Perplex City Police Department


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