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Elderly Old Town Grocer Foils Vandal

6 Oct 05

A 96-year-old pins down a criminal for ten minutes until the police arrive. They build 'em to last in PXC...


A case of attempted vandalism was foiled by 96-year-old greengrocer Florence Alvarez in the Old Town late Tuesday night. Police say that the elderly business owner heard a ruckus outside her establishment, discovered a crime in progress outside, and subdued the perpetrator until police could arrive. Police Lieutenant Hansel Dixon said that the alleged criminal, 23-year-old Oliver Sands, was intoxicated and violent when he was arrested, and has been charged with misdemeanor property damage and attempted assault.

"I was a champion wrestler in my younger days, and I still know how to pin a man when I have to," said the diminutive Alvarez proudly.

According to witnesses, Sands had been on a rampage through the Old Town, breaking windows and defacing property. He arrived outside the Fresh Market just as Alvarez was closing the shop for the night. When Alvarez demanded Sands remove himself from her property, Sands became angry and rushed Alvarez, say witnesses. At that point, Alvarez wrestled Sands to the ground and pinned him while bystanders called for police.

"A big guy like him jumping a little old lady," said Shia Patrick, a neighbourhood resident who was a witness to the scene. "It just isn't right, and I'm glad he got what was coming to him."

Dixon said that Alvarez succeeded in keeping Sands immobile for nearly ten minutes, the time it took police to arrive.

Sands suffered minor injuries in the scuffle and was treated by medics on the scene before being released into the custody of police. Alvarez was uninjured.

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