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Air conditioning puzzle

2 Sep 05

Ascendancy Point has been having some widely publicised technical difficulties, which the Cube Hunters exploit to their advantage. They gain access to the building's air conditioning simulator online, and learn that they can crash it. If they crash it at the right time of day (Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, 9.30pm-10pm GMT), the system crashes in a particularly spectacular fashion, spewing out the name and room number of a Point resident.

Their collective efforts result in a long list of possible identities for The Advisor, who they know lives in the building. ('Read more' for the full list.)

Combined with their knoweldge of The Advisor's movements (derived from her messages to Pietro Salk), and looking at the heat sensor data, the Cube Hunters are able to narrow the suspects down to just one: Monica Grand.

Address Unknown

Waldo Carrick Possible connection to Catherine Carrick

Marcus Joyner

Charlene Reckson President of the Ascendancy Point Residents Association

Level 170

Alexander, Julius - L170 R3

Hesh, Helix - L170 R1 Owner, Hesh Records

Level 169

Cove-Houghton, Walter - L169 R4 Newly hired to be the incoming CEO of PCBC

Level 168

Zeiss, Anna - L168 R4

Clark, Takumi - L168 R9

Kurima, Thomas - L168, R11

Level 167

Earlywine, Nathan - L167 R5 Perplex City Council member; running for head of council against
Camryn Scott

Level 166

Forrester Harith - L166 R13

Hardwick, Lillian - L166 R18

Level 165

Zhi-Hui, Shireen - L165 R20 possible connection to Robert Zhi-hui, Chairman of PCAG

Malloy, Bryce - L165 R11

Zeller, Alice - L165 R3 Judge in the Michael Corolla Murder Trial

Alba, Mitchell - L165 R2 Owner Earthworks

Hampden, Arrian - L165 R16 Wrote a letter to the Sentinel, Perplex City University

Level 164

Anghanda, Kyra - L164 R18 Perplex City Council member

Scott, Camryn - L164 R16 Perplex City Council Leader; up for re-election

Level 163

Thoreau, Keenan - L163 R17 Bassist for Roll For Damage; Reconstructionist

Level 162

Bourne, Halima - L162 R1 CEO of Centrifuge

Level 161

Level 160

Abroms, Stephen - L160 R5

Arbor, Finnegan - L160 R3

Level 159

Noir, Satine - L159 R28 Pop Vocalist; Diva

Young, Morgan - L159 R34

Level 158

Ricente, Jacob - L158 R28

Dyson, Victoria - L158 R8

Level 157

Roe, George - L157 R22

Ball, Gaius - L157 R1

Former Resident

Grand, Monica - L157 R19

Level 156

Houghton, Robart - L156 R33

Levenay, Oscar - L156 R30 CEO, Isabella Levenay

Skipwater, Johnathan - L156, R26

Cahill, Emily - L156 R17 Possible connection to Ryan Cahill, PCAG athlete

Kurima, Justice - L156 R16

Level 155

Fisher, Ramon - L155 R6

Level 154

Termigant, Kamal - L154 R30 possible connection to Janice Termigant, PCAG athlete

Zhou, Felicia - L154 R13

Harbour, Henrick - L154 R4

Ramirez, Neville - L154 R11

Shockley, Horace - L154 R1

Level 153

Noi, Lucy - L153 R28 Possible connection to Helios Noi, Academy founder

Gladstone, Alexei - L153 R24 Possible connection to the district of Gladstone

Ho, Aaron - L153 R23

Level 152

Anderson, Michelle - L152 R18

Waters, Zhinga - L152 R14

Level 151

Friendly, Nicola - L151 R23

Duncan, Gabriella - L151 R19 Possible connection to Serena Duncan, PCAG athlee

Sterling, Jae - L151 R15

Jackson, Samara - L151 R14

Stowe, Sebastian - L151 R13

Bourne, Jaquelyn - L151, R5

Level 150

Fisher, Gabriel - L150 R35

Leckworthy, Adrian - L150 R12

Foster, Jared - L150 R10

Willow-Carrick, Oskar - L150 R2 Possible connection to Catherine Carrick

Level 149

Roanoke, James - L149 R36

Level 148

Neighbourly, Lisa - L148 R18

Sundstrom, Heidi - L148 R17

Shinsei, Brian - L148 R13

Levenay, Nicola - L148 R1 Possible connection to Isabella Levenay

Level 147

Level 146

Alvarez, Scott - L146 R33

Awanda, Joseph - L146, R25

Egan, Marion - L146 R23

Welles, Anthony - L146 R20

Level 145

Ghola, Chester - L145 R36

Entrescore, Ayumi - L145 R10 Possible connection to Aiko Entrescore

Hale, Paiva - L145 R14

Shockley, Horace - L145 R1 Producer and fiancee to popular vocalist Joya

Level 144

Chan, Evan - L144 R40 No relation.

Stowe, Juliet - L144 R31

Barrett, Tanraga - L144 R27 Curious name, tanraga.

Youngblood, Jamie - L144 R24

Carrick, Evita - L144 R18 Possible connection to Catherine Carrick

Carrick, Dennis - L144 R15 Possible connection to Catherine Carrick

Carrick, Nolan - L144 R1 Possible connection to Catherine Carrick

Lindstrom, Astrid - L144 R12 Academy Professor

Smart, Clarice - L144 R11 Possible connection to Jonathan Smart

Lamplighter, Kendra - L144 R9

Vastrun, Alexander - L144 R4

Plover, Jackson - L144 R3

Harrington-Stowe, Ayla - L144 R20

Kasanje, Michael - L144 R28

Level 143

Scott-Carrick, Daniel - L143 R35

Jackson, Elliot - L143 R37

Ellison, Nigel - L143 R12

Level 142

Flynn, J. Randal - L142 R19 grandson of Ruth Coralhouse and Horatio Flynn

Broughton, Emmeline - L142 R10

Carrick, Timothy - L142 R6 Possible connection to Catherine Carrick

Level 141

Hanlon, Michael - L141 R40

Cahill, Ryan - L141, R20 PCAG Athlete

Level 140

Howe, Gunter - L140 R37 Perplex City Sentinel Managing Editor

Tsie, Foster - L140 R22

Holyoke, Marguerite - L140 R21 Possible connection to Bernardo Holyoke

Holme, Margaret - L140 R21

Level 139

Level 138

Leckworthy, Anja- L138 R33

Gupta, Renu - L138 R29

Stowe, Nathaniel - L134 R14

Atkin, Lou - L138 R13 Perplex City Sentinel Sales Manager

Takashi, Howard - L138 R7

Green, Wallace - L138 R4

Level 137

Coralhouse, Edith - L137 R32 Possible connection to Antony Coralhouse and Ruth Coralhouse

Level 136

Tyrrell, Adam - L136 R35

Level 135

Young, Aliyah - L135 R26

Palmer, Nora - L135 R1

Level 134

Campbell, George - L134 R18

Stowe, Nathaniel - L134 R14

Sheerness, Hesketh - L134 R9 Perplex City Sentinel Senior Designer

Level 133

Bloom, Vianne - L133 R28

Camblin, Viktor - L133 R40

Level 132

Powell, Frances - L132 R40

Andover, Ari - L132 R30

Boch, Evan - L132 R27

Levenay, Federico - L132 R23 Possible connection to Isabella Levenay

Haverdale, Diana - L132 R22

Meadows, Serena - L132 R19

Houghton, Gwyneth - L132 R15

Tokei, Sean - L132 R14 Possible connection to Randal Tokei

Duncan, Scott - L132 R3

Level 131

Remton, Joya - L131 R16 THE Joya

Levenay, Isador - L131 R15 Isabella Levenay's nephew; author of scandalous book.

Azadian, Maureen - L131, R10

Rudon-Birch, Paulina - L131, R5

Level 130

Earlywine, Daniel - L130 R39 Possible connection to Nathan Earlywine

Bourne, Omar - L130 R38

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