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Historical Society

10 Aug 05

Violet goes to a lecture at the Historical Society and, prompted by emails from Earth, asks the lecturer about secret societies associated with the number three. No joy. But Violet's curiosity has been piqued.

Went along to another meeting of the Historical Society yesterday. I seem to have been receiving a lot of emails from you Earth readers about Perplex City history recently, so I thought you'd probably want to hear about any and all research I do. I can understand why you're interested. I have to confess, much as I complain about archiving in the stacks, there's something almost mystical about it, about being able to touch these books that are centuries-old, that perhaps no one else has seen in my lifetime.

So, we had a talk yesterday evening about the ancient belief systems of Perplex City. Fascinating stuff - about the evolution of hunter-gatherer iconic totems into myths of gods and goddesses, and how those beliefs were affected by the development of philosophy and mathematics. The speaker, Dr Aisling, talked a lot about the interest in geometric shapes at that time, in tessellation as a manifestation of the divine order in all things, and compared that to modern cube-based religion. With the growth of interest in non-representational images of god, tessellated patterns were seen as a way to produce holy objects without having to depict a god as a person or animal. She looked at the way that translates to the cubeheads today, who see the Cube as being in some way divine. Really thought-provoking.

Anyway, after the talk, because you guys have been bugging me about it to such an extent, I went and asked her if she knew anything about secret societies in Perplex City, or anything that represented itself with the number three. Fat lot of good that did, though. She said she thought she might have heard about something like that, but couldn't remember anything about it. Still, I have to say, my interest's been piqued on that question - I'll keep digging.

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